apologetically Dumpty

The day after our arrival Merton apologetically explained that our shaggy hair did not please the abbot. If we were to stay on at the abbey, we must have our hair trimmed. A little while later I was sitting in a chair in the basement room where the novices changed into.

 · ”We could stay in my brother’s place,”Philip Latak reiterated apologetically as they brought their things up,” but there is no plumbing there. Past noon, after a plenteous lunch of fried highland rice and venison, they headed forth that broke from street and disappeared behind a turn of hillside.

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apologetic 1. Offering or expressing an apology or excuse: an apologetic note; an apologetic smile. 2. Self-deprecating; humble: an apologetic manner. 3. Serving as or containing a formal justification or defense: an apologetic treatise on church doctrine.

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 · The door shuts, accompanied by the ringing of the bell, and you were left with porcelain shards all around you. It looked like that mess that would be left when Humpty Dumpty took his great fall. sugawara passed you a broom and dustpan, you were quick to catch his smug smirk. “Someone has a cru-ush,” Sugawara sang.

Apologetic definition: If you are apologetic , you show or say that you are sorry for causing trouble for. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Apologetics (from Greek , "speaking in defense") is the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. Early Christian writers (c. 120-220) who defended their beliefs against critics and recommended their faith to outsiders were called Christian apologists.

[uh-pol-uh-jet-ik] See more synonyms for apologetic on Thesaurus.com. adjective. containing an apology or excuse for a fault, failure, insult, injury, etc.: An apologetic letter to his creditors explained the delay. defending by speech or writing. willing or eager to apologize. sorry; regretful.

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