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Hated it. The only Shakespeare he knew or cared anything about was the company that made fishing reels, and he couldn’t have given a fig about Aristotle or even Tocqueville. What he understood in his.

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If you were lucky. Some folks had a really hard time dropping Aristotle’s influence. And not only that, we can now routinely capture incredible images of these spots and present them on the internet,

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The Pox: Syphilis, Stigma & Shame. Some, for example, believed the pox was sent from God to punish sin. Others that it was engendered in French soldiers who turned to cannibalism in times of war, or through sexual intercourse between a French leper and a Neapolitan prostitute who was menstruating at the time, or through the movements of the planets,

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Plum pox virus (PPV) is the causal agent of sharka, which is characterized as the most important viral disease of Prunus species, due to its significant financial and agronomic impact in afflicted areas (Cambra et al., 2006a).

In contrast to the experience with North American ticks, worsening of paralysis in the 24-48 h following tick removal is common and the child must be carefully observed over this period. Death from respiratory failure was relatively common in the first half of the century and tick paralysis remains a potentially fatal condition.

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Reproductive Health Arizona (RHAZ) Reproductive Health Arizona (RHAZ) is a project at arizona state university. launched in 2016, it aims to record the history of reproductive health, medicine, and biology in Arizona.

Aristotle wrote at least five treatises on biological subjects, and Aristotle himself was a careful observer of nature, as we can gather from these texts. I suspect that these natural science topics were likely prominent in Alexander’s education by the philosopher.

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