Melder’s Musings: It’s Election Day

Some brands took it further: Patagonia closed its offices on Election Day, and others, like Levi’s, followed suit by giving employees a few hours off to vote. lyft offered ride discounts and free rides to the polls for people in underserved communities to help make sure everyone’s voice was heard.

Well hello world! This has been a significantly longer hiatus from blogging than I anticipated. LOL. But I realized that while I loved writing, wedding planning took a lot more time than I expected. But it’s all finished and I’m hyphenated so I can return to my writing!. So let me continue on my first.

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Ramos, who is soft-spoken and describes herself as “super introverted,” started the newsletter after the 2016 presidential election. Back then. sharing articles that she enjoyed that week, her.

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Dividing the day into morning, afternoon and night, 11/8/16 wisely eschews a music score as it moves among its various locations, and offers only one piece of scene-setting information: A title.

It is now two weeks since election day and four Congressional seats are still undecided as votes are still being counted. Perhaps the most turbulent one is in Utah where Republican incumbent Mia Love is locked in a tight race with Democrat Ben McAdams. The lead kept switching as votes came in from.

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Arizona saw the Republican win on election night but all those ballots found after and during the following week came in for the democrat. They found a eighty thousand vote turnaround. They found a eighty thousand vote turnaround.

(Musings on Iraq Mosul Campaign Day 249) 2018 21 Supreme Court ruled that manual recount and replacing Election Comm with judges was constitutional Cancelling displaced and foreign voting was not ( Musings On Iraq article on Supreme Court’s decision on amending election law)

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I hate Election Day. I love election night, once the returns start coming in. But, aside from the actual process of voting, Election Day is long and boring, and, if you’re a political junkie, you’re practically begging for any information.

We didn’t get extra change in our pockets and justice and equality the day after the elections. There are only four people. us all and not treat us like ignorant children, that spends its resources.